About Tarana :

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Tarana Dance Academy is one of the leading dance schools in the Chicagoland area, promoting Indian classical dance amongst new generations, and helping allow for a more cultured tomorrow. The goal for the school is not only to promote dance, but to instill both confidence and discipline within the students.Kathak is known for it’s ability to preserve the art while merging with new generation’s music and innovative choreography. Tarana Kathak Dance Academy also encourages students to cross the boundaries into new areas of dance.

Today Tarana Kathak Dance Academy is one of the most progressive dance schools and known for it’s well received performances. To supplement our performances, the Academy will participate in competitions occasionally in which Tarana, consistently places high in. Every year Tarana tries to bring something new that not only shows the talent of the students, but to pass on big messages through dance to new generations. Shows like “ Khrishna,”, “Kathak Journey”, “Festivals”, and “Colors of Rainbows” have played a major role in this area.

Sheetal Dhanani started this dance academy at the very basic level where there were absolutely no resources, but today with her hard work and vision, Tarana dance Academy is one of the leading dance schools in Chicago land area. Sheetal started training at the tender age of five and got opportunity to learn from all her gurus more than 17 plus years. She also got trained in composing professional music for Kathak. Today Tarana kathak dance academy is thankful to all her gurus for their guidance and training. Tarana Dance Academy has a structured curriculum where the students have the opportunity to learn not only dance, but theory and choreography behind the artform. Many senior students have become a part of the team today and help to nurture future generations. Tarana’s philosophy is that knowledge is power, but it must be passed on to survive this beautiful art. The academy has annual exams that are exclusive to the Tarana Kathak school. We would like to maintain our artistic freedom, and therefore will not directly work with other schools. Although classes are taught in groups, Tarana specializes in the individual experience of each dancer. The school believes in open communication, which historically has been the path to success.

Today, Tarana has 17 musician teams in India who exclusively compose music for our students. Sheetal Dhanani takes a periodical trip to help compose music according to the students and theme, and bring costumes. Tarana also has uniforms which brings unity to the school. Today, the many students have finished the curriculum and thriving in their fields as choreographer in their school, chief choreographer, dance team leader, and many has entered in the area of teaching as well. Tarana’s major productions are:

  • Krishna
  • Fusion and kathak
  • Naika Bhed
  • “Rutu”Seasons from Kavi Kalidas ​​​​Journey to India
  • Kathak Journey
  • A Story of Amrapali
  • A Story Anarkali
  • Bajirao Mastani
  • Festival of India
  • Colors of Rainbow
  • Darbar​

About Teacher :


Ms.Sheetal Dhanani began her Kathak training at the age of five with Guru Shrimati Mayadevi, disciple of Shrimati Roshan Kumariji of Jaipur Gharana. She completed her Masters in Kathak under the guidance of nationally recognized Shrimati Gangani of Jaipur Gharana.

Sheetal Dhanani is the founder and director of Tarana Dance Academy. Through dance and music her misssion is to enrich Indian Culture in today's youth of United States. She is the master choreoghrapher and music composer of dance academy. She has given memorable performances that have been telecast on premier TV programs and won numerous prizes. In year 2011 she was appreciated by India TV for her dedication in the field of dance and outstanding performance at "Gujrat Din"

CPA by profession,Sheetal decided to dedicate her life to her passion of dancing and established Tarana Dance Academy. She started it as a kathak institute but later turned it into a creative dance studio including all traditional and popular dance forms.